Alpha Shield of Justice Private Investigator – we are experienced, loyal and reliable security experts that treat each case with the highest level of professionalism and discretion. Our members are elite personnel from the fields of Law Enforcement Agency, Legal Profession and Forensic Analysis. In addition, we have amassed vast experience over the years. We possess some of the most cutting-edge equipments and techniques in the field of investigation. Our evidence is acceptable and admissible at every court of law for our legal experts follow the stipulations of the law while the evidence is being gathered. Our investigation processes are completed within the required timeframe and a comprehensive report is given for immediate onward action. Our service charge remains the best and pocket friendly.

We offer the following services: –

  • Corporate Services: These are services we render to your establishment, organization and/or company whenever you contract us. It could be as a result of issues between your establishment, organization and/or company and the Government, other corporate entities or individual business partners.
  • Private Services: These are services we render to private individuals. It may be a matter between an individual and a corporate entity, a government or another individual.


These services cut across the followings:

General Investigation: – This deal with any type of investigation civil or criminal in nature. Our society is faced with too many security challenges and as such one needs to investigate and dispense justice with accuracy.


Fraud: – Today, fraudsters have devised advanced use of technology with the sole aim of defrauding unsuspecting members of the public and Corporate Organizations. Since our law enforcement agents cannot comfortably match them technologically, we aim to fill the gap through speedy and effective forensic investigation. Alpha Shield has the sole aim to help prevent, detect and solve internal, external and combine fraud.


Forensic Analysis: – This section of Alpha shield deals with biometrics; fingerprint and voice patterns analysis, graphology; handwriting analysis, covert Surveillance and ballistic analysis. We have a team of experts who carry out the forensic analysis on whatever documents presented to us and the results of our analysis have always been convincing to the courts of law. This has so far, given us an edge over all our contemporaries.


 Intelligence/Surveillance:– This is an area where Alpha Shield shows its expertise. It deals with intelligence gathering for corporate and private clients. We use extremely discreet, legal and effective means to gather intelligence. Our intelligent team also have a specially designed way to support your business and office operations. We send in our detectives to assess the risks within your establishment or company and external factors that may influence the safety of your company and/or establishment operations and household activities. Our surveillance is carried out with modern technologies and surveillance van equipped with ultra-modern surveillance techniques. Our evidence is obtained legally and has always been admitted at courts of law for its veracity.


Cyber Security: – This service has to do with tracking of lost/stolen/misplaced mobile devices and the handlers/operators, cellular interceptions, call recordings and text message log analysis (SPI Services). We are experts in forestalling cyber frauds.


Debt/asset recovery: – Alpha Shield helps to recover debt/asset for private and corporate institutions locally and internationally within the stipulated legal framework. In cases of uncertainty, we also carry out extensive investigation to uncover hidden assets, such as shares, exotic cars, boats, landed properties, accounts etc.

Kidnapping/Hostage Negotiation:- Alpha Shield has solved many kidnapping cases and also negotiated for the release of kidnap/hostage victims. Our wealth of experience in the field of kidnap/hostage negotiations gives security clues to be the best security advisers to our clients on how and what to do to avoid being victims of such heinous acts in our society. We carryout investigation with the latest technology and experts with the desired techniques to track, co-ordinate and arrest while solving kidnapping cases. Since the law enforcement agents cannot match the sophistication of the perpetrators of this crime in our society, Alpha Shield aims at bridging the gap and delivering excellent services to our clients with utmost regards to privacy, speed and accuracy.


Background Check:- We carry out background check for our clients on persons of interest, properties, deals, institutions etc. This will enable our clients to make good decisions on a subject matter. The incessant increase of crimes and other fraudulent activities in our society has made Background check on anything, businesses, persons or organizations very imperative before a deal is closed by anyone. Hence, our job is to help our clients to carry out background check on matter of their interests. Our team is focused on timely delivering of accurate and discreet report.


Under cover/agent provocateur:- Undercover investigation services are fantastic ways to identify weaknesses in company and institution policies and operation procedures. This is also applicable to private homes to get insight of the happenings at home, office and institution. While also acting as agent provocateur. This is a system where an operative suspect a plan to carry out any criminal act e.g. kidnapping and the detective approaches the person of interest and inform him or her that he can supply arms and ammunition for the operations if he will include him in the operation. At that, the person of interest will reveal the plan which the detective will then relay to the backup team for necessary action. A tested means to expose moles in organizations, institutions and even families.


DNA: – This is important in private investigation for one very simple reason. Every human has a different type of DNA and Modern technology has brought a way to test it. It has become possible to test various pieces of human body which include hairs, teeth, skin saliva, semen, blood etc to determine who owns the DNA.

This has helped to detect crime as well as evidence including identifying the paternity or maternity of a person. Due to the high level of infidelity in our society today, Alpha Shield decided to bridge the gap and make it easy for us to identify our gene. Our experts operate with top notch equipments that are very reliable, speedy and with utmost accuracy while respecting the privacy of our clients.

Missing Persons Cases: – It is important to note here that whenever the ugly situation of a fellow is lost, it is usually and normally reported to the State Police or the designated Missing Persons Unit of the State who are the lead in managing and investigating such cases. However, it is undoubtedly evident that investigation of cases of Missing Persons in Nigeria by the Police and Units concerned, has been bedevilled by huge challenges which Alpha Shield of Justice Private Investigator has come to address with its team of experts in investigation. Our Firm will work closely with you to get necessary confidential details and information of the person and the circumstances surrounding the person which will help our team to carry out efficient and effective enquiry with our modern equipments to locate his/her whereabouts.

Missing Persons Cases of three (3) months and beyond are usually classified as “long term” which have its hindrances through layers of protocols to be followed before the State agencies will swing into action. Alpha Shield of Justice Private Investigator helps to breach the lacuna by swinging into action at the first instant report. We do not classify a case as long term irrespective of how long the person has been missing. Our cardinal objective in whatever Missing Person Case is to trace, locate and find the person in record time.

Process Server:- Our Firm has a strong legal team with very dynamic legal experts who have triumphed in local and international litigations. Most importantly, we are licensed by the courts to serve legal papers, such as summonses, subpoenas, and court orders, to the parties involved in legal disputes. Therefore, we enjoy the authorities of the laws globally to summon and/or serve legal documents to whoever (individuals, corporate bodies, governments/states etc.) for whatever case as you may present to us and also represent you adequately at any court of law across the globe.